Day 61 - when there's no answer.

by PaulEMoz

I got a great e-mail this morning, with lots of cracking quotes and answers to questions.  I can write about a few more games now, and work in the words of a God to come up with some completed pages (well, completed in the sense that they'll be ready for the time when I make them "professional").

A thought has struck me, though.  I've sent out e-mails to a couple of people that I'd like to include, and haven't received replies.  What do I do in those cases?  Do I write about their games regardless, and include them without quotes?  Or do I exclude them from the book?

My gut instinct is to write about them regardless.  I'd love to have their blessings (and their quotes!), but I'm resigned to the fact that some people simply won't want to take part.  I suppose that unless they expressly forbid me from talking about their games then it will be OK to do so, but it's something to think about, I suppose.

But for now, I'll concentrate on the positives, of which there are many.  From the answers I've received so far, I can write flly about twenty-seven games, and also add pages about the individuals that wrote them (or were connected with them).  That's pretty good to be going on with.  And with more answers promised and other people definitely interested in taking part, I think it's fair to say that we're still moving forward at a decent pace here.

I'm not resting on my laurels, though.  I'm constantly evaluating what I've got, and who I want.  And I keep thinking of new ideas about presentation... something that's going to be very important in months to come.  I'm confident that this is going to be really good when it's finished.