Day 55 - toddler trouble

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I'd hoped to have more time to work on things today, but my two-year-old was playing up a bit, so it was child care for me.  I don't know what was wrong with him, he just wasn't very happy, and although he was screaming at times, it wasn't quite a terrible twos tantrum.  Still, it was a bit wearing, but it did provide the inspiration for the game I would play and gather screenshots for... the only acceptable choice for today was Jack the Nipper.

Published by Gremlin Graphics, the game was released first on the Spectrum courtesy of a team which included Greg and John Holmes and then converted to other formats by Greg, Pete Harrap, Jason Perkins and Mark Rogers.  Don't worry, they're all on my list of potential interview candidates.

Christ, no wonder the kid won't sleep, there's a ghost in his room!
The game sees you placed in the pants of an infant miscreant, and the object of the game iss, well, to cause trouble!  There are plenty of objects scattered around town to help you do this, and you can even combine some to even greater effect.  Beware, though... annoy the townsfolk too much, and Jack will find himself on the receiving end of an almighty botty-spanking...

It's a fun little game.  Some aspects of it remind me of the Magic Knight games, but it most definitely has its own character.  If you were never a fan of games where you have to pick up objects and use them in the right places, then Jack the Nipper would not have been for you.  But it's definitely a memorable title in 8-bit gaming history.