Day 53 - this number doesn't go

by PaulEMoz

I've had to put a lot of hours in at work this week, meaning that I haven't been able to do much here or even get any questions together (and I do need to get some questions together for someone!).  So, at times I've just been making stuff up based on which number today is.  Fifty shades of Gray worked well... it may have been cynical, but it's generating traffic so I don't care.

I tried to think of something to go with 53, and the only thing I came up with was... Herbie.  That's what number Herbie the car used.  But you know what?  There aren't any Herbie games!  Not on the C64 or Spectrum, anyway.  You'd think someone would have snapped up that licence and cobbled together some kind of BMX Trials game, but with a Herbie sprite.  The closest you can get is Herbert's Dummy Run, which isn't exactly the same.

Then I thought of an even more tenuous link... Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo... gambling games! But then I remembered, they're nearly all rubbish.  They were mostly dodgy fruit machine simulators or strip poker efforts.  I suppose that for some, the programmers of the strip poker games may have been Gods... but I'm not sure if they really qualify nowadays.

Anyway, I've used all that as an excuse to get a post out for the day, when I haven't done anything at all on the book.  Sorry about that.  I'll try and make Day 54 better.