Day 49 - fire!

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No, my house hasn't burned down.  No, I'm not talking about Nintendo's banned Game & Watch.  And no, I'm not blindfolded and tied to a stake, about to meet a bullet-filled demise.

Today has been one of those days where I've been at a bit of a loose end.  I'm concocting some questions for one of my participants, but other than that, there's not much to be getting on with while I wait for answers.  So what I've been doing is looking for e-mail addresses and "firing" out requests.

It's hard to write much about that and make it sound interesting.  But it's one of the major parts of the task, because if I don't get anybody interested in contributing, then you're stuck with words from me... and let's be honest, when it comes to games in the Eighties, I'm just a third party.

Look, it couldn't have been me.  E-mail hasn't even been invented yet!
I look for new contact details pretty often, and it's always good to find somebody that I hadn't got hold of.  There can be a let down if I send an e-mail and it's returned because of a dead address or it doesn't get a reply... hopefully in those cases that doesn't mean those people aren't interested; it might be that the e-mail address is just not checked very often.  That's what I keep telling myself, anyway!

So, I'm plugging away in the hopes of continuously increasing the number of names connected with the project.  One plus is that I'm playing a lot of great games as research, in case they do get back to me, so I can't grumble too much!