Day 45 - Tel you what...

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I know that, initially, I said that this project was to shine some light on the overlooked British programmers of the Eighties.  And, indeed, that's where the main focus will sit.  But as you will have noticed from my post about Melbourne House the other day, there are a lot of good people from outside the US that may not have had the recognition they deserve in games books.

I'd definitely like to include some of those guys too, and if there's one name that gets requested more than most, it's Jeroen Tel.

It's easy to see why.  Or rather, it's easy to hear why.  Jeroen Tel is responsible for a large number of high profile and much-loved Commodore 64 soundtracks.  I always enjoyed his Hawkeye and Cybernoid tunes, myself.

Anyway, I have a folder set up for Mr Tel (or Maniacs of Noise), and I plan to ask him a few questions about his tunes.  He has a web presence, so I'm hoping that when I reach out I'll receive a favourable response.  I'm probably going to have a separate section dedicated to musicians, and if so I'll want it stuffed full of our favourite tunesmiths.

I've actually got plans to ask a fair few musicians some questions, and indeed, one has already responded with a load of answers.  They were an important part of our games history... it's only fair they have their place in the sun, too.