Day 39 - head over heels with today's progress

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This morning saw an e-mail full of answers drop into my inbox, which made for good reading and a good start to the day.  I'll be looking at sending off a few responses, and then I can work on putting some rough pages together. I find that pretty exciting.  Now that a couple of people have replied, I can play around with ideas a bit more

Of course, the main focus for now has to be the writing (and finding contact details, naturally), but it doesn't hurt to play around with images and layouts and so on.  I like the idea of having a "CONTRIBUTIONS FROM" section on the front page of the blog.  I really want to do that, but I think I'd be getting carried away with myself if I put it there now with just two confirmed names.  If I wait until I've got replies from the others I've sent e-mails to, it'll be a bit more valid.

Awww.  So cute!  But how do I get to the bunny?
Basically, though, I can play games, get a ton of screenshots, write text and insert comments for those that have replied.  Effectively, I can finish sections of the book at this point.  That's great.  It's going to be a giant step forward, having real pages' worth of material prepared and ready for formatting.

Now I'm in the position where I need to be soliciting for more participants.  It's a dirty job, but I have to do it.  There are still people that can be contacted through the likes of Twitter, so that's my next avenue.  I do hate to be a bother, but it's the only way forward.

Oh, THAT'S how!  Hey, why am I playing this game, I wonder...?
You know, our guys wrote some stuff that was really amazing for the time.  I know, I'm stating the obvious... that's the reason for this book, after all.  But when you play some of these old games again, it's extraordinary just how creative they were.  Some of them may not seem as good in the cold light of day, but today's technology is light years ahead of what was available then.  It's still a thrill to load up some of the classics and get stuck in.  We really were lucky back then.