Day 35 - that new tech smell

by PaulEMoz

Mmmmmm.  Don't you love that?  The opening of a new box, the rustle of new packaging, the smell of new tech?  It's awesome, and lifts the spirits in a way not much else can.

I have the new tech high at the moment... yes, I've got my new laptop.  And I love it.  LOVE IT!  Thanks to Steve, David and the guys at the Metro Centre branch of Currys for being genuinely good guys, and helping me along the path to new tech glory.

Now I have the job of transferring files and programs.  Some parts of this will be easy, while others will be time consuming.  Not to worry; the end will justify the means.  It's not something I see as a chore... who doesn't love playing around with new stuff?

I might try a couple of newer games, just to see how they run.  They should work pretty well... this is a decently-specced laptop.  I've never been that big of a PC gamer, barring a spell around 2003-4, but I might have grab a few demos of newer games and see how they look.

Not that I've really got any time to be playing modern games...