Day 34 - fair's fair

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A while ago, you might remember, I made two attempts to buy a new laptop on the same day, from different branches of Currys, and for whatever reason, it didn't happen.  I had a bit of a whinge about it here, which the top brass at Currys were terribly disappointed to hear about (although it wasn't actually me that went to them about it).

In my book, if you've complained about shabby treatment or service, it's only fair that you give praise when you get treated very well.

I went back to Currys today, again with the aim of buying a laptop.  I chose the Metro Centre branch in Gateshead, as I'd had to go to the Metro Centre for something else anyway.

I had my customary wander around the displays, and after a few short minutes was approached  by a member of the management team, asking if I'd like assistance.  We then proceeded to have a long conversation about what I was looking for in my new laptop, what I would primarily be using it for, what it might be useful (or useless) to have installed on there, and various other things.

I have to say, it was a very pleasant and informal conversation with a very well-informed and knowledgeable salesman.  There was never any pressure to do anything or sign up to anything I didn't want, I had pros and cons of various systems pointed out to me, and I was able to make a very informed choice with my purchase.

I'll be going back to the branch tomorrow to pick up my splendid-looking new laptop, and in the meantime, I'd like to give a big shout-out and thanks to David of the management team, who was everything you'd want in an assistant when you're buying something.  And I never even mentioned that I'd had a problem there before... his entire approach was obviously natural and commonplace.

Everyone's entitled to an off-day, whether it's an individual or a large corporation.  Not everyone gets it right every time.  I'm heartened to know that my bad in-store experience at Currys doesn't seem likely to happen again, either to me or anyone else, at least at that branch.  And tomorrow, I'll be posting from my new laptop.  Yay!