Day 31 - dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner...

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Another rough day today, with work getting in the way.  I really need to get some questions fired off, because at this rate, people will tell me not to bother as I'm taking so long!  Hope not...

Anyway, what little time I have had has been spent playing games for research purposes.  Sometimes, you think you know what questions you want to ask someone, only to draw a blank when you're trying to put them down.  It's ridiculous, really... these are people I've wanted to speak to for 25 years, and now that I'm getting the chances, I'm drying up!

Now, why would I be playing this game, in particular...?
It's no great hardship, playing some of the classics of yesteryear.  Some of them, I'll be playing for the first time.  Some are treasured favourites that I still play today, out of choice.  I might even find the odd stinker... not everybody made an excellent game with every effort, after all!

Still, once I've got the rest of the week out of the way at work, I'll have five days where I can concentrate mostly on this.  I'll be hunting for more contacts then, but I think I'll mostly be writing, and knocking some things into shape.  I might even experiment with some layouts... that could be fun.