Day 30 - Day 30!

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It seems like just the other day when I decided "Right, let's announce this thing and get it out there".  And yet, that's an entire month gone by.  Amazing.

It's been quite a month, too.  The initial burst of page views for the blog has settled down to a relatively small amount... I guess word hasn't spread that far yet.  On the other hand, the response from the people I want to include in this book has been generally very positive.  Most have been enthusiastic and willing to take part.  I've only had one refusal so far, and I'm waiting for answers from some... hopefully they are forthcoming.

I've also written over 5,000 words.  That sounds like a lot, looking at it as a figure, but it isn't much at all at this point.  I don't know just how big the figure will be at the end, and it's likely to go down as well as up, but it seems like a decent figure for the first month, especially as I'm doing a lot of research at this point.

I think this project will stand or fall on the quality and quantity of people I manage to interview.  I doubt if many people are really all that interested in what I have to say on Eighties' computer games.  But I know they'll be interested in what I have to say if it's backed up by the words of the people in question.  So it's very important that I keep pushing on in my attempt to find and make contacts.  I know of a few that are reasonably easy to get hold of... they will be my "Phase 2" interviews.

"Phase 3" and beyond will be more difficult.  They're the ones that I'll have to get from other people.  I just hope those people will be generous with the information.  I wouldn't want this to stall two or three months in.  It's all going well so far, and I know that some will be impossible to get hold of, but I reckon if I shoot for 80 per cent then I'll have done well.

I haven't played anything today... it's been a challenging day in the "real world".  Could be a tough week, in fact, and then I have five days off work, and should have a new computer.  They will be fun times...