Day 29 - same old, same old...

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Bah.  I feel deflated as I write this.  I do love my footy, and today's England game was one of the most depressing matches I think I've ever watched.  I'd allowed myself to buy into the team, having thought all along that England had no chance of winning only to be pleasantly surprised by their performances.  Then, as soon as I changed my opinion, they resorted to being utterly dreadful.

Oh well.

It was a wasted day all round, really.  I wasted hours trying to do some food shopping... I made three trips out for the bus, but the first two were hopeless as the buses weren't running to the timetable and I missed them.  It's an hour between buses on Sundays, so the time between buses wasn't much use for anything.

I've done a little bit of gaming today, though.  Nothing for the book, just some iOS gaming... oh, and a blast on the arcade version of Alien Syndrome.

Ugh! Look at that ugly bugger!
I never did play that game in the arcades back in the day.  I did, though, own it on the Commodore 64, and loved it to bits.  It was absolutely rock hard, but extremely enjoyable nonetheless, and I gave it some serious hammer for quite a long period of time.

Playing the arcade version now, I realise just what a great conversion the Commodore 64 version was.  I can tell you this because I can reach the exact same spot in the arcade version as I could in the C64 game!  It's a really faithful version, with the only thing really missing being the Options you could pick up as extra weapons.  Other than that, it's all there, although there's some odd scrolling which makes the game slightly more difficult.

So, it's been an enjoyable day for that part of it.  Wonder if I could get hold of Tim Rogers to ask him about the game...?