Day 27 - great news!

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Brilliant news, everyone!

I can pack in my job and concentrate on this book!  And I'll have all the resources I need for artwork, printing and everything!  Not only that, I'm going to be able to give away the book for free, to anyone that wants it!

All I have to do is reply to Mikail Kerr.  Sadly, Mikail only has six months to live, but if I get back to him he'll give me over a million dollars!  I feel bad for him, but finally lady luck has smiled on me!

I guess I'd better get serious now.  I'm not going to be getting a million dollars.  I did get some good news, though... I got my first set of answers from one of our Gods.  This is great news, as I can start putting a few complete pages together and play around with some design ideas.  So today represents a significant step forward... you can rest assured that this thing really is happening!

On another note, I've decided to get my new laptop next Friday.  I figured I might as well wait until I got paid, so that I could put down a bigger deposit.  And, fair play to Currys, their managers are very upset that I was unable to buy one the last time I went in, and have promised I'll have a better experience next time.  So, I'll look forward to giving them more positive press next week.

I've got a busy work week ahead, and I'll be on public transport, meaning I'll have at least a 90-minute journey each way.  So I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get done next week, but I will be off work for five days after that (including the weekend)... I'll have some fun playing with my new laptop (hopefully) and getting all my software and saved information transferred across, and pushing forward in earnest.  I've got a couple of laptops in mind as potential buys, but have any of you got any suggestions you think I should bear in mind?