Day 25 - word up!

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Good day, today.  I got a good chunk of words down (see the increased word count totaliser!), and played a lot of Spectrum games whilst formulating an e-mail of questions.  So that's three steps forward for the book today!

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to old games.  One is that they were great for their time, but in the cold light of day, up against today's epic efforts, they're unplayable rubbish.  Another is that old games are awesome, and that today's games can't match them for originality and even playability.

Tanks a million.

A third school of thought is that a good game is a good game, and a bad game is a bad game, and it doesn't matter when it was programmed.  I think I tend to sit with this one.  I do still enjoy playing old games, and not just for nostalgic reasons.  A good number of them are still genuinely fun to play.  And I always enjoy discovering games that I never got the chance to try when they were originally released, whether they turn out to be good or bad.

Today's games were mostly good, and they were all programmed by the same person.  And that person will soon have an e-mail from me, with a load of questions that they've told me they're happy to answer.  This will constitute an important and sizeable chunk of the book, so I'll be excited to start putting everything together when I have my answers.  I'm looking forward to it.