Day 23 - brought to you by the letters E and X

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EX-hausted.  I've been incredibly tired all day.  The whole time I was at work, I felt like I was in a fog and needed to sleep.  I was out of the house for thirteen hours, so that didn't help.  And since I got home I haven't felt any better!  I've got no idea why I've been like that, and I can't say I've enjoyed it.

EX-cited.  I've been sending out a couple more e-mails in the hope of making some more contacts.  I've also been looking into the possibility of attending a gaming event, which could bring further contacts and opportunities.  That might come off and it might not... I'm not sure yet.

EX-panding.  I've added yet more folders of possible subjects to my book folder on my computer.  I just need to find more ways to reach them and ask for their participation.  Many of the contact details listed on the internet have EX-pired, which makes things tricky.  But, as I've said, there's plenty of time yet.

I hope there wasn't a fly in that teleporter...

EX-olon.  I needed a blast on a game I'll be writing about... Raffaele Cecco's Spectrum shooter Exolon fit the bill nicely.  It's a game I played and quite enjoyed back in the day, although I didn't give it quite the attention it deserved.  It's very arcade-like in some ways... once you've memorised each screen you should pass it fairly easily next time, getting further and further each game.  That's the theory, anyway!  I did get a fair way into it, and I'll be going back to it to try again.

EX-hausted.  Did I mention I was really tired?  I'm off to bed.  See you tomorrow!