Day 22 - Happy Father's Day!

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Today is Father's Day, and I've spent the vast majority of it actually being a father, with childcare being the order of the day.  I haven't really managed to squeeze in much of anything besides running around after my two lads.  Oh well, I did say that some of these updates might not be all that interesting.

You might notice that I've added a "Current Word Count" total for the book to the front of the blog.  I might add more information to that as time goes on... well, I'm almost certain to.  But I thought it would be a nice little thing to have there, just so people can have some idea that tangible progress is being made, and that I'm not just sitting on my arse pretending that I'm writing a book.

I might add a page count at some point, but I'll definitely add the names of people that have contributed, once I get their information back and therefore they are guaranteed to be in there.  In the meantime, I'm trying hard to track people down but it ain't that easy.  But there are plenty of avenues open for that sort of thing yet, and I don't need to have too many people ready and willing just yet, otherwise I'll be overwhelmed with the need to come up with interesting questions.

It's harder than you might think, coming up with interesting questions.  You can have a framework, where you might be able to ask the same questions of several people, but a lot of the time you have to have a completely different set of questions ready.  I'm almost tempted to ask for a "Creative Assistant" in that respect!  I suspect that I'll just sit myself down, go through my list of prospective interviewees, and formulate the questions in advance.  I was quite surprised to get as many positive replies as quickly as I did at this early stage!

So, I hope all the fathers have had a good day.  And if any of you have any comments, ideas or contacts, please get in touch!