Day 21 - a multi-event extravaganza

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Today, the Olympic torch will come right past where I live.  Judging by all the footage I've seen from previous days, it seems quite underwhelming.  But that doesn't matter.  I'm going to go out and see it anyway, even if it's thundering and pissing down with rain, because it's part of history and I will never get the chance again.  So, why not?

Feeling suitably inspired, I've decided exactly what I'm going to play and write about for the book today - multi-event sports games.  I used to love those games back in the day... right from Activision's Decathlon on the Atari 2600 and Track and Field in the arcades, through to, oh, probably Combat School in the arcade and on the Commodore 64.  Most of them were great fun, especially when they had some good variety in the events, and they were good for a physical workout too!

Yep, I'm awesome.

I used to be pretty good at them, particularly Track and Field and Hyper Sports.  I could usually go right through each game at least twice, although the weightlifting could cause some real pain second time around.  I know that those games broke a lot of my friends' joysticks when they played the home computer versions, but that was their own fault for buying Quickshots instead of proper joysticks.

So, I expect to have a right arm like Popeye tonight, after playing that lot.  I always enjoy myself, testing my body to the limit in the name of scoring lots of points.  And I'll be able to get a weighty batch of screenshots out of the way.  Now, if you'll excuse me... out into the rain I go...