Day 17 - strange days

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What a weird day today was.  It started with me having my Twitter account, erm, "compromised", and ended with me finding a baby.

Told you it was weird.

I apologise to anyone that received dodgy messages from me... I received one myself this morning, but given the source it seemed legit.  I clicked on the link, and it was broken.  An hour later, my Twitter account started sending out the same message to everyone on my Follow list.  So, I do apologise, and may the Twitter hackers, or whatever they are, rot in Mortal Kombat's acid pool.

The baby thing was a different tale altogether.  I went to WH Smith to buy a magazine and some notepads and pens.  I picked up the magazine and went upstairs to the stationery section, past the pram at the bottom of the stairs... wait, what?

I looked into the pram... took some doing, as it was about as closed-up as it could be.  But yep, there was a baby, which started gurgling when it saw my face.  I get that a lot.

I went upstairs and then looked around... not only was there nobody with the baby, there was nobody else in sight!  I waited for a minute... still nobody.  So I told a cashier, and she arranged for one of the downstairs staff to look after the baby.

It was gone by the time I'd finished shopping.  Hopefully the mother had just absent-mindedly wandered further away than she'd realise, but I don't know how it ended up.  Very strange, though.

Since I've got home, at least, progress has been made.  I had a great chat with someone who may be able to help in some way or offer me the benefit of his experience... any of which would be very much appreciated.  And I'm now plugging away at drafting some questions for a couple of industry legends, both of whom I am very happy to have on board.  I'm sure you will be too...