Day 16 - who do we love?

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I doubt I'll get a whole lot done today... Euro 2012 is kicking in, and I've just finished watching the England match.  I might not get away with two games in one day though, so I'll have a bit of a play with some stuff.

I've been thinking about publicity and getting contacts, and something did spring into my mind.  I've been looking at all the gadgets available for Blogger, and one simple addition you can put on the front page is a list.  But what could I possibly list that might be of interest, you might ask?

What I'm going to do is this: once I have somebody confirmed for the book, and when I say "confirmed" I mean they've agreed to it and I have their replies to my questions, then I'll add their name to a "Confirmed for the book" list.  That way, you'll all see that there's been tangible progress, and your faith that this project will happen will grow, as you realise I really do mean it.

I have a few people that have agreed to take part already, and I'm in the process of compiling questions for them, or in some cases I've already sent the questions and am awaiting the answers.  So you'll see some names popping up on the front page pretty soon.

I think this should add an element of excitement to this thing.  And maybe when others see who is already involved, it might help persuade them to be part of it too.  I definitely think this is a good idea... what say you?