Day 15 - if you build it, they will come

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Yesterday's flurry of e-mail activity has proven to be the right thing to do, because I've had replies to almost all of them, all enthusiastic about the project and agreeing to answer my questions.  There are some big names in there, real legends of the gaming scene, and I'm very excited to have them on board at this early stage.

Of course, I now have to come up with questions that will do them justice, but that's a great position to be in.  I don't expect everyone to answer or to accept, but if they keep coming at this rate and I get more contact details, then this should go very well indeed.

So, my rainy Sunday afternoon will be spent composing a number of e-mails featuring a number of different questions.  This is a good thing, because I'm trying to do as much as possible that won't need to be saved on this computer.  I'm definitely getting a new one, even after Friday's debacle, so I want to save as much of the work as possible for that new computer.  I suppose it doesn't matter that much... in terms of today's file sizes, it makes no difference whether I'm transferring 500MB or 600MB or 1GB of data.

Still, that's the way I'm heading.  I'm also looking into getting hold of a few already-published video game books that I haven't already read.  Not for ideas, as such... I know what I want from this book, and I'm confident it will be different from anything out there.  But they may prove to be inspirational in other ways, or at the very least interesting to read.  Should make my lunch breaks at work more interesting, anway!