Day 14 - and there was much sadness.

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I'm still on a bit of a downer today over the new computer thing, so I thought that rather than do any actual work on the book on a computer that I won't be using, I'd try and find a few people and fire out a few e-mails.

What I've been saddened to discover is that quite a few of our Gods have, sadly, been taken from us too soon.  I know, life is random and you never know when your time will come, but it's always sad to see that someone you admired has passed away.

Still, I definitely intend to cover these people in the book.  It could turn out to be a rather nice tribute; after all, these people did so many things that we remain grateful for.  It would be an honour to include them here.

Something else I found out while I was looking people up is that Pete Cooke, author of the awesome Tau Ceti amongst others, has released an iOS game, his first game of any kind for twelve years!  It's called Zenfit, and it's a nice little puzzler where you have to match shapes to remove them from the board.  It's both relaxing and maddening at the same time, so check it out.  And if you can get me Pete Cooke's contact details while you're at it, that would be awesome...