Day 13 - unlucky for some

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And in this case, the unlucky one was me.

It was just a small thing, in the grand scheme of things.  I went into town after work to buy a new laptop.  There aren't many places left where you can actually buy computers these days, so I went to the obvious... Currys/PC World.

As you would expect, there were plenty to choose from.  I mulled over my options, narrowing it down to two or three.  I stood, and wandered backwards and forwards between them, considering the pros and cons.  And I waited.

Now, I could have marched up to one of the "assistants" and asked them to sell me a damn computer, but no, I wanted a bit of actual customer service.  I wanted someone to approach me and ask if I needed any help, or if there was anything I was interested in.  But it didn't happen.  At all.

No laptop for you!

So I left.  They weren't going to help me or serve me it seemed, no matter how long I hung around looking shifty.  I decided I'd try the other branch on the way home.  The selection was pretty much identical, so I figured it would be second time lucky.


The staff in that branch were exactly the same.  Not a single one of them made any attempt to see if I wanted to buy anything, and seemed to be actually avoiding the opportunity to make a sale.

I found it all very strange.  I was quite looking forward to playing with a new computer over the weekend... shame that it won't be happening.  I might try again tomorrow or on Sunday if I can be bothered to make the trip, but I'll have to be in a forgiving mood.  In the meantime, I hereby award Currys/PC World the award for "Worst Customer Service 2012".  Rubbish!