Day 12 - that's a bonus!

by PaulEMoz

Hey gang!

I got a nice little surprise today... I found out that I'll be getting a decent-sized bonus on my pay at the end of this month.  That being the case, I'm going to treat myself to a new laptop for this book project.  The one I've got now is OK, but it's three years old, the battery is dead and some of the keys are missing or broken.  Those things can all be replaced, of course, but my eldest son is getting right into Minecraft and it's not fair that I hog the family computer all the time.

It's always exciting getting new computer tech... it has been right since the 8-bit days.  You never forget that Christmas morning in the Eighties when you opened your big present and a computer was waiting inside.  Best morning of your life, most probably.  It's moments like those that have forged our tech-geek personalities, and why every tech purchase is still a joyous occasion for us.

I've also been looking into software.  I'm just getting words and pictures down for now, and that's fine.  But this is my first book effort, and I'm aware that I'll need more than just OpenOffice and Paint Shop Pro to put this together and have it looking like more than just a fanzine.  I was looking on Adobe's website yesterday, and bloody hell!  Their programs are really expensive!  I'll need one, though, so it looks like I'll be heading off to eBay to "de-clutter" before long!  It's either that, or crowdfunding... unless any of you out there knows anybody who'd like to help an interesting project out...

Hey, you can only try, right?