Day 10 - first contact

by PaulEMoz

Today is my last day of a week off work.  It was my last chance to make some headway into the book... and I haven't written anything for it.

That doesn't mean I haven't made progress.

I sent out a cold e-mail, and received a very nice response with the promise of information for the book.  This is a major step forward.  I've spent all day composing an e-mail full of chat and questions.  My only hope is that this doesn't put this person off!  I don't think that will happen though.

Once I get a response, I can write up all the games they worked on, and it'll give me a great idea how the book is going to pan out.  So this has been a pretty exciting day and a major point of note on the book's path to completion.

Now, I think I've earned a bottle of something cheeky and a bit of gaming.  Got to have that bit of balance...