What characters!

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I'll keep throwing out little updates as and when I think of anything that might be of interest in terms of how this book will turn out.  So here's another one... there might be a few in these early stages.

I don't want the book to be too predictable, or to just follow the same path all the way from start to finish.  So I'm going to put the odd section in there that doesn't just deal with a programmer and their games.  What I've decided to do is to include a section devoted to game characters.

You look at games today and the landscape is filled with generic heroes, muscular types that are equally handy with fists or guns, and that have all the personality of a house brick.  Back in the fledgling days of home computer games, though, you could have anything as your game's hero and get away with it.

I reckon a section on some of the more oddball characters, along with a few words about their inception, would be a good read.  So I've added that idea to my plan and set up a whole new section of sub-folders on my computer to house the buggers.  It's really exciting to be making genuine progress in areas outside the writing... it's all helping this thing to take shape.