Day 2 - is size everything?

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I've just been having a plough through all the folders I've set up for the numerous individuals I'd like to talk about in the book.  And there are more than I thought.  In fact, I made a rough calculation based on how I'd planned to do this, and if I continued down the same path, my book would have over 1,000 A4 pages.

Now, I'm sure you'd all love that, but it isn't exactly practical.  Of course, that could all change when I start formatting it... I'm sure that turning raw text into a more structured layout will make a difference.  But it's something to consider at this early point.

There will be a lot of pictures, too.  I'll play every game I write about and take screen grabs for the book.  Again, there will be a lot of planning going into that aspect of the book... the artwork will be very important, as people will be expecting pictures galore.

I've got a lot of research to do at some point, having never put a book together before.  But this will be one big learning process, so I don't mind that.  It's not something that I need to do at this early stage, anyway.  What I do need to do is get word out.  The more people know about this, the more word will spread, and hopefully the people I'm going to write about will become interested in taking part.

So if you're part of any kind of relevant community where this might be of interest, or where it can be promoted, please either let me know or, if you're feeling generous, let them know about it.  Word of mouth is an awesome thing.  But for now, I'm right in the middle of another page.  Do excuse me...