The return of A Gamer Forever Voyaging!

by Paul Morrison

It's two years, almost to the day, since I last posted here.  I explained then that I wouldn't be able to post much in here because my book would take up most of my time.  That has proven to be the case.  Sorry, AGFV fans!

However... the book is at a stage now where I can't write about it as regularly as I would like.  I'd either be repeating myself, or giving away secrets that I would now rather keep until the book is close to being finished.  You wouldn't be as interested in reading it if you knew too much about it, would you?

In an attempt to provide a bit of balance and do a bit more writing about games, I thought I might as well reopen this blog.  That said, just because I write about a game here doesn't mean you should automatically presume that it will be in the book.  Ooohhhhh, no... that won't be the case at all.  I will be writing almost exclusively about games on the 8-bit computers, but they could be absolutely anything and completely unrelated to anyone that's in the book.  What's more, I won't give you any hints or spoilers, so you might as well look at it as a sideline which is a completely different entity.

I did enjoy writing about games again on Budget Day.  That's kind of inspired me to pick this up again... also, I need to keep my profile up a bit, and if I'm only posting once a month I might get forgotten about.  This should help.  It won't be anything like a game a day, as it was when I started, but it will be at least semi-regular.  Promise.  If there are any games you'd like me to write about, please let me know and I will certainly consider it.  Wonder what I'll write about first?