What's all this, then?

by Paul Morrison

A Gamer Forever Voyaging was my first gaming blog.  I started it after online mag Way of the Rodent ground to a halt.  I used to write quite a bit for WotR, and it left a big gap in my creative life when it wound down.  To fill that gap, I thought I'd play through all the games in my newly-acquired collection that I'd never played before, and write about them in a blog.

Originally, it was called A Game A Day, and I did indeed play and write about a different game every day.  Then my wife gave birth to our second child, and time was at a premium.  It was at that point that the blog evolved, and I became A Gamer Forever Voyaging.  Named by paraphrasing the Infocom classic, the name seemed to suit my mission quite nicely.

It had a good run, but when the idea for They Were Our Gods came back into my mind, I had to put it aside.  It would be a shame to let all that writing go to waste, though, so I thought I'd import it here for people to read at their leisure.  If you haven't seen it before, then I hope you enjoy it and maybe discover some new games yourself.