They Were Our Gods

by PaulEMoz

Just writing a quick post here, for anyone who hasn't picked up on it yet.

I've committed myself to another writing project... a big one.  It is to be called They Were Our Gods, and it will be a book celebrating British games and programmers of the Eighties.  I don't believe they get anywhere near enough credit in games books, so I'm aiming to put that right.

I've got a blog up and running for the book... kind of like ZZAP! 64's Diary of a Game, but less interesting.  Nonetheless, if you want to see my daily struggles and successes with the book's progress, go here: They Were Our Gods.

I'm two weeks in... there's a long road ahead, but let's see how it goes.

In the meantime, I won't be completely abandoning A Gamer Forever Voyaging; after all, I can't spend all my time on that, so I'll still write about games I play that are unrelated to the book.  But you'll forgive me if it's updated less frequently than you'd like, I hope.

So, please join me on my journey if you're interested.  Even better, spread the word.  The more people that get behind the project, the better.  I've got a Facebook page if you're into that sort of thing, you can like it here: Facebook - They Were Our Gods.  I've also set up a Twitter account that you could follow... you can't link to Twitter accounts, it seems, but the name is @TheyWereOurGods.

Here's to an ongoing saga of tears and happiness, trials and tribulations and above all, games!