What the hell am I doing?

by PaulEMoz

OK, so April was a bit of a washout... not just weather-wise, but for A Gamer Forever Voyaging.  It was more like A Gamer Who Sat Down For A Nice Rest During His Voyage.  Bit rubbish, really.  Sorry.

So, what have I been doing?  Lots, actually.  I was working on a number of things for Way of the Rodent, for one. I think you're going to particularly like one of the things I've done, when it's published...it took me ages, though...  I have actually played a few games, too.  Asura's Wrath and Need for Speed: The Run have fallen to my gaming hand over the past month.  I may well write something about those in the coming days... both are worthy of my thoughts, for various reasons...

One more thing I've been kicking around and looking into is the possibility of writing a book.  With Kickstarter getting everyone's creative juices flowing, I've wondered if there's any possibility of using something similar to get a project I've had in mind for years off the ground a last.  But to be honest, I wouldn't need money for ages.  I'd have to actually get the content together first.

I'm not sure where that's going.  It's still up in the air in my own mind.  The idea I have is, I believe, a good one (and it involves retro games)... I think it would cover ground that's previously untrodden as far as games books go.

But we'll see.  It would be tricky, and a mighty undertaking.  But if I could get people on board, it could take off and be awesome.

In the meantime, the poor old blog has been a bit neglected.  Sorry about that.  I'll do my best to make it up to anyone that cares, this month.  I might even have a games giveaway or two, so stay tuned...