Budget Day is looking good!

by PaulEMoz in , ,

You might think that it's easy to write a games blog. Just play a bit, take a few screenshots maybe, then chuck a few words down. Piece of piss.

It's not as simple as that. At least, I don't think it is. And when you're writing something that's themed, there's a hell of a lot of prep work to be done. That's why this blog has been a bit quiet lately... I've been doing prep work for Budget Day.

The news is that I've narrowed down my list to sixteen possible games for next Wednesday. I'd be surprised if I manage to play and write about them all, but it's a goal to aim for. And of course, they're all budget games from the 8-bit days.

So, get yourself ready for Wednesday. Ignore the Government's depressing waffle, forget about the fact you're going to be even worse off financially than ever... let me lighten the day a little with some proper blasts from the past. It should be fun.