Top 11 of '11 (iOS) - the rundown.

by PaulEMoz in ,

Just in case you feel like posting any of this anywhere (and I'd love it if you did), here's the top 11 as a list of links, so you only need to post one link rather than all eleven.

Number 1 - Silversword.
Number 2 - Minotaur Rescue.
Number 3 - Jetpack Joyride.
Number 4 - Forget-Me-Not.
Number 5 - Hard Lines.
Number 6 - X-Baseball.
Number 7 - Bug Princess.
Number 8 - Monsters Ate My Condo.
Number 9 - PicoPicoFighters.
Number 10 - Groove Coaster.
Number 11 - Space Junk.

So there we have it... my favourite iOS games of the year. Looking at that, I think it's a damn good list. But what do you think? Please let me know!