Top 10 of '10 - Intro.

by PaulEMoz in ,

So, 2010, then... wasn't it a good year for games?

To be fair though, you can say that about every year. There are always tons of games released, and if you sift through them, you're guaranteed to find a number of gems that make it all worthwhile. There aren't actually many rubbish games any more... but it can be a crushing disappointment when something you've been looking forward to for ages turns out to be no better than mediocre.

I had a lot of fun in 2010, with plenty of games floating my boat. They weren't all games that I'd expected to love... some, I hadn't heard of until just before release, others were unassuming little indie games that turned out to be awesome. And yes, there were the bona fide blockbusters that lived up to all the hype.

They all combined to make 2010 a pretty memorable year, with some titles that really stood out, for one reason or another. What I've done is list them in order of how much I enjoyed them, rather than what I think is "best". There's no definitive "best", but anyway, those lists have already been done to death by all the major (and minor) sites and magazines. Far better from my point of view to celebrate the games I've played the most and enjoyed the most... I hope you enjoy reading about them.