I'm so weak!

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So, my New Year resolution lasted all of eight days. I'd trailed out to Morrisons yesterday on streets that were not too far removed from ice rinks, albeit worse seeing as I live in a hilly area. And as I wandered the aisles looking for peanut butter and spicy chicken wings, I bumped into the cheap games tat, and I decided that I deserved a spur-of-the-moment impulse buy treat.

So I bought myself a game called Ninja Blade, for all of eight pounds.

Of course, my resolutions were to buy less games in favour of playing all the ones I've already got, and getting my completion percentage up to thirty percent by the end of June. This hasn't helped me on either of those fronts.

You want to watch what you're doing. There's probably a giant worm or something down there.

That's especially true when, as the point of an impulse buy is to play it immediately, I started on Ninja Blade last night, thus dropping my completion percentage immediately. Fortunately, the first dozen achievements are quite easy to get, so I was back to where I'd started by this afternoon.

And what of the game? After two missions, it's good, silly fun. A parasite has been spreading across the world, albeit remaining largely suppressed by crack teams. Now, though, it's hit Tokyo and is turning people into giant monsters that are ripping the city apart. You're a modern day ninja, and the only one capable of putting this menace down. You can't do this without dealing with some classic melodrama on the way, of course.

I hate to say I told you so, but...

It does have some annoying gameplay at times... for instance, if you're not a fan of the Quick Time Event you'd do well to stay away from this. It's got loads of them. But it is genuinely spectacular, with some enormous creatures to be battled and some hilariously over-the-top action setpieces that you probably couldn't manage without the QTEs. Oh, and the save system can be immensely annoying.

Yes, there are better examples of this type of the game, for sure... Bayonetta has certainly taken this style of game and built on it to great effect, and there are elements from games such as Prince of Persia in there too. But so far I've had a good time for my eight quid, and I can see that continuing over the coming days.