Happy New Year!

by PaulEMoz

Belated... as with everything I do these days, it seems. It's been busy in the House of Moz, much to my chagrin... I'm supposed to be on holiday here!

Not to worry... I'm going to finally finish up the Advent Calendar posts, and then crack on with my Top 10 of '10.

Now, I've been working on the list for a while. In fact, I had the order settled, but I've had a rejig. I'd fallen into the trap that many non-professional games writers fall into... I'd made it too worthy, too "EDGE". My list probably won't look like a lot of other Top Tens of the year... partially because I don't get to play every new game on every format, and partially because I don't much enjoy some of those kinds of games.

Yep... my top ten will not be the "best" games of 2010, but the ten games I've enjoyed the most in 2010. After all, isn't that what games are about? I don't care about technical achievement, how nice an overwrought character's hair looks as it's blowing in the wind. I care about how much fun it is to play the game that character's in.

I'll start with a "close but no cigar" list... in rejigging the thing, some have dropped off that deserve a mention. So, on we go... happy 2011!