A Gamer Forever Voyaging.

by PaulEMoz

And so, my gaming blog has a new name, and this is probably the last name change it will ever have, ever.



So, why the name change? Well, when I first started the blog, the title "A Game A Day" fit perfectly with its aims. My intention then was to play all the games I'd been given and write about them, in an attempt to justify keeping them (my wife would have loved the money they'd have fetched on eBay). And playing and writing about one a day was an achievable goal at the time.

Now, though, with a one-year-old to look after, the Game A Day thing has become much more difficult to keep up. Coupled with that, the blog has evolved somewhat, so I'm playing more than just the boxes full of games in the cupboard where our boile used to be.

I wanted a new name that fit with my intentions, and that was also games related. A Mind Forever Voyaging is renowned as a classic game, and I'll be playing it for the blog at some point. And as I'm trawling through gaming history, this title seems perfect (although I'd have happily gone with any of the others if they'd won the poll).

The voyage continues. My run through Thalamus' history is about to continue. Who knows where we'll go from here? I hope you'll stick with me to find out. Maybe we'll pick up more voyagers on the way...