Game Room - The Final Insult

by PaulEMoz

You know, I've defended Game Room on the 360 more than most. I still love the concept, even if it's been hobbled massively by the lack of partners and dubious quality of some of the games. In fact, the last few weeks have seen a bit of an upturn, with some really good stuff being made available. I've got 980 out of 1000 from its Achievements... the only one I'm missing is the one for having played for 36 hours. I'm about seven hours short.

Or rather, I was about seven hours short. I just loaded it up for a quick blast before bed, and was prompted yo download a 4MB update. Naturally, I did so... only to find that when the Game Room rebooted, it had reset me to Level 1, with a total playing time of zero.

All my Achievements are intact... as are the high scores I've uploaded to the world top 20 for some games. But apparently I haven't played those games at all. So instead of being seven hours away from the last Achievement, I am now thirty-sixhours away. Thanks a lot. No, really.