Advent Calendar - December 21st.

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Earth 2150 (PC)

Now this one was always planned in for today. Well, this or one of the other games from the series... whichever was cheapest and highest rated on This one seemed like the best bet (there's a trilogy of games and/or expansions, all available in one purchase and download), even though I had no idea what the series was about.

Well it's a start, at least...

I was a bit disappointed to find out that Earth 2150 is a resource building and management game, or Real-Time Strategy, in the vein of Command & Conquer. That's probably my least favourite game genre... yes, even moreso than puzzle games! My brain doesn't seem to be conditioned to micromanagement, especially when you can't just do it in your own time.

All I can say is, I gave it a shot. I find these games hard enough at the best of times... when it's a digital download and you haven't got the instructions to hand, it makes things even worse! I know, I could have printed off the instructions... that's too much effort at the moment.

The inevitable rain of fire that signals my doom.

And so, this is one of my shortest write-ups of the whole calendar. I did manage to build a few units as instructed by the tutorial, but once it left me to my own devices it might as well have blindfolded me for all the use I was. Before long, I was floundering horribly and ended up quitting the game in disgust. I'm sure if you're a fan of RTS games then Earth 2150 is a fine example and well worth your time. It just made me miserable.