Ready to go

by PaulEMoz

OK, the games, where needed, have been bought (not all have them have arrived yet, though... that could bring this whole thing crashing down). Templates have been set up for the writing. Images have been manipulated. My games controllers all have working batteries (where needed).

I think we're about set.

I hope you all enjoy the next 25 days. I've spent about 40 quid on games... so take note of the fact that you are all literally depriving my children of Christmas presents by reading this blog.

Not really.

I've got a real mixed bag of gaming coming up. The plan was to play as many games as possible that were new to me... that's always been the point of the blog. They range from the classic to the rare gem to the weird to the just plain rubbish. It should be an interesting ride... hope you all stick with it. If nothing else, at least reading it will help you remember how many days are left until Santa turns up...