Netbook, or iPod Touch?

by PaulEMoz

Christmas is coming, and it seems that everyone in my family is getting new tech. Lorraine is already the proud owner of a Kindle, and Aidan will be getting... well, something. Even Ryan got a kiddy laptop for his birthday.

So, I'm feeling a bit left out. To compensate, I've pretty much convinced myself that I'll be having something nice at Christmas. The question is: what?

Originally, I was determined to get a 4G iPod Touch. Mine is 1st Gen, and I love it. But now apps are being released that don't work on 1st Gen, and some are actually apps that I want. It's inevitable that I'll upgrade.

Lately though, I've been thinking about getting a netbook. There are some decent ones available for a pound under 200 quid, and if I had one I could probably keep my blog up-to-date a bit better. The iPod Touch is fantastic for browsing message boards, but as a second PC it's not ideal. The whole family uses our laptop... this way, I could probably have the best of both worlds.

But the new Touch is fantastic...

What do you folks think?