It's all going on behind the scenes...

by PaulEMoz

Hi gang,

Well, it might not seem like I'm doing much blog-wise at the moment... you're probably getting sick of hearing about me playing Deadly Premonition and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Either that or you're playing said games and you haven't got time to be reading my waffle.

It's true that those two games have taken up a lot of my time lately... and not surprising either, they're excellent games. But don't think that the lack of written activity here means I'm negelcting the blog... ooohhhh, noooo.

I'm actually doing a lot of research, because I've got plans for December and January. You bet I have. I'm going to be really busy with blog games for the next couple of months, there's no doubt about that. So don't go anywhere... it's just you that'll be losing out!

Tell you what though... this researching lark can be a bit of a pain sometimes...