by PaulEMoz

Sorry for the lack of posts this week... I've just found myself totally absorbed by Deadly Premonition! It's just so bizarre and entertaining, I find myself going back to it every night and not really making time for anything else. Part detective story, part survival horror, and aaaaalllllll mad.

The voice acting is really good... it really sells the whole story. I suppose the detective and driving parts slow the game down a lot just when you've been battling through intense moments, but that kind of light and shade is good. And the conversations are either so mental or so entertaining that you don't mind anyway.

I've got a few things lined up for the coming days, so keep an eye out and I'll get back to the business of updating this thing. I'm also looking at what I've played this year... there will be a top ten rundown towards the end of the year. I think that Deadly Premonition might well figure in that rundown somewhere...