Full STeem ahead!

by PaulEMoz in , ,

My posting has been curtailed a little lately, but that's likely to be even more the case over the coming month, with the World Cup in full swing. I love the World Cup... well, I love most footy, but the World Cup is an awesome event, even if it's almost certainly destined to provide disappointment for me as an England fan. But I'll be watching as much of it as possible, regardless.

So, how to play and write about games in the midst of this? Well, I've only just managed to retrieve my Atari ST emulator and games from my old PC. This is very handy, as I can sit at the laptop, playing and writing, and keeping tabs on any matches I might want to watch.

I'll be using STeem, the emulator, and trying to find a few ST-only (supposed) classics, or maybe playing some of the games I have that don't work on the Amiga. I think I'll do this for a solid week, and then vary things a bit. So, a week's worth of ST games are on the menu! Hope you and I enjoy!