Number 8.

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Guardian Heroes (Sega Saturn)

Bit of a cheat, this one. It's not a discovery, but a re-discovery. I picked it to celebrate my 100th post, and here's what I said about it then.

I think it's probably impossible to not love Guardian Heroes. It's such a well-crafted and constantly entertaining game, and to this day I haven't really played anything else quite like it. That's quite rare in this day and age where successful (and I mean that as in a formula that works rather than massive sales) games are copied and diluted to death. It also means that there's no way I'm letting this copy out of my sight... there's no way to play this, other than on the Saturn (the GBA version isn't the same game, and it's not as good).

It's strange, how much fun it is to watch a number go up when it's counting how many times you've hit something.

The pictures I've sourced for this aren't the best quality, but they're better than the ones I took, so you'll have to put up with that. It looks an absolute treat when you're playing it.. the characters are full of, erm, character, and each location is a joy to battle through.

It is, though, a beat 'em up, which might be a bit simple for some. But once you play it, and learn to master the use of your team, you find that the strategy is just deep enough to be satisfying and yet just simple enough to be accessible and, above all else, fun.

Look, don't even ask. Alright?

I still haven't managed to pick up a memory card for my Saturn, to my disgust. Must try harder, the report would read. It would be for my own benefit, though... Guardian Heroes really is worth it and I really want to play it properly, instead of having to discard my game after an hour or two. I'd recommend this to anyone, but it's pretty expensive to get hold of these days... well, about the cost of a new 360 or PS3 game. If you feel in the mood, and own a Saturn, you'll get as much play out of it as you would a brand new game, without question.