Number 5.

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Dungeon Master (Commodore Amiga)

Many of the games I've played for the blog, I've never heard of before. Then there are others that are absolute legends of the gaming world. In those cases, I've looked forward to them for ages before actually playing them.

Dungeon Master is an absolute legend. I had been looking forward to playing it... and then found that it wasn't in my pile. A quick ebay trawl soon put that right, and a-dungeoning I went.

What an experience Dungeon Master is. It was almost certainly the first game to do dungeon crawls in such an atmospheric and immersive fashion. I don't mind admitting that there were more than a couple of moments where I was a bit nervous about turning a corner.

I had to nick a picture this time. And this is the best I could do. Pah.

It's a beautifully designed game, and I always felt like I was progressing just enough to be able to cope with anything new that I happened upon... as long as I was careful. Of course, I wasn't, and I saved the game at a place where I hardly had any energy and there were four mummies in my path. There was no other way past, so I kept dying.

That was frustrating, but it was my own fault. I've started another game since, and I'm doing a bit better, or at least being a bit more careful. Dungeon Master may have aged, but it's still a truly excellent and groundbreaking game. It's one of my favourite experiences from the blog, and more than justifies its place in this rundown.