Number 4.

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Chaos (ZX Spectrum)

Of all the games in my blog top ten, Chaos is probably the one I knew least about, prior to playing it. In fact, I knew nothing about it, other than a couple of Speccy-owning mates loved it.

Chaos was actually the tenth game I played for the blog, and the first Spectrum game, all the way back at the beginning of February 2009. So for it to have stuck with me for that length of time, to be fourth on my list of favourites, you know it has to be pretty special.

Whooo, look at those spells, feel the power! Actually, that's not that great a "hand".

Now, I'm not generally one who likes a lot of thinking in my games... time spent thinking is time that could be spent blasting. But Chaos had me intrigued from the start, and it was a classic example of using what the game gives you and adding to it with your imagination to make the experience even better. It's a lot like a board game in that respect, and in every other respect, actually.

And so it begins. Things will get a lot messier than this...

I did some deeper digging into the game with it having made my top ten, and found that it's got a really good Wikipedia page. Reading that gave me a deeper appreciation for the game... no bad thing, the game deserves it.

As with many games like this, be they computer, board, card or whatever, your fate depends to a degree on the luck of the draw. But in Chaos, if you're good, you can play around almost anything you're dealt. It remains an intriguing and enjoyable game... and that's just for one player. One of these days, I'm going to introduce it to Aidan, and then the real fun will start...