That's entertainment!

by PaulEMoz

I had a rubbish day today. I was supposed to be meeting up with a load of mates in London, but couldn't afford the trip. Then, after leaving for work at 6:30am, I didn't get home until nearly 9pm. So I was knackered, and didn't have time to play a blog game.

I needed a bit of cheering up. I got it by going back to Bayonetta.

Yeah, I know. It's a game a day, but I'm going back to Bayonetta for this pretty often. It's great fun! And all I'm going to say for this entry is this: Chapter XIV, Verses 1 and 2.

Insane, brilliant fun, and a fantastic shout out to the Sega fanboys out there (and who hasn't got a lot of love for Sega?).