Sneezies (iPhone/iPod Touch)

by PaulEMoz in , , ,

I'm bloody hooked on this thing.

I've got a workmate to blame for the addiction. She got an iPod Touch for Christmas, but didn't have broadband until a week ago. And one of the first things she downloaded was Sneezies, which she naturally wandered over to tell me I had to download. So I did, and I might as well have just injected crack into my eyeballs. Thanks, Jane.

The object of Sneezies is simple. The Sneezies are cute little creatures, which float around the screen in bubbles. You get to touch the screen once per level, and when you do, you release a small cloud of something that irritates their little noses, causing them to sneeze. When they sneeze, their bubble bursts in a colourful cloud, and they parachute to the ground. That colourful cloud will irritate any other Sneezies within range, causing a chain reaction, hopefully big enough to meet your objective for the level.

Awwwww. Cute ickwe fwuffies!

And that's it. Very simple, and stupidly addictive. There are three different game types: Classic, where you simply have to meet the specified target on each level; Challenge, where you have a certain number of touches to meet your objective, and Score EX, which is a high score mode. Each mode offers something different, fun and addictive.

An added bonus is that when the bubbles burst, it creates something of a firework display on your screen. It's a nice little visual... in fact, the whole game is very nice to look at, and sounds cute too. But it's all about the playability, and Sneezies is overloaded with that one-more-go hook that'll never let you go. For only 59p, this one is almost impossible to resist.