Midnight Club Los Angeles (XBox 360)

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I like a good racer, and although I wasn't that enamoured with Midnight Club on the PS2, this one has had some very good, consistent reviews, so when I saw the Complete Edition for just a tenner, I bit.

I haven't played it much yet, but I'm kind of wishing I didn't bite after all.

Midnight Club LA, to me, seems almost like a complete copy of Need for Speed Underground 2. And as that is one of my least favourite entries in the NfS series, that's quite a disappointment.

Ooh, that looks nice. Maybe I'll give it a bit longer, after all...

I know an hour isn't always enough time to judge, but sometimes that's all I've got to play before I write, and you can usually get a decent feel for something in that time. I'm not exactly reviewing the games I play for AGAD, after all, just passing an opinion based on what I have been able to play.

In this case, I can't see anything new here at all. You're a rookie driver coming into the city, and you have to impress the right people so that you can take part in more prestigious races and earn better performing cars and more money. Yep, done all that, in NfSU2.

No, I haven't got a bike yet, either...

You can take races either by driving to designated areas on the map, or by flashing your lights at other street racers, who will then race you to a pre-designated point on the map. Yep, done all that, in NfSU2.

When racing, you can keep to the course by driving past coloured plumes of smoke, unless it's a race against a driver you've flashed, in which case you keep an eye on the map and crash at every other junction. Yep, done all that... you see where I'm going here.

I'll give this one more of a try later... after all, I do enjoy my racing games. But when this one successfully apes one I wasn't keen on, it makes it difficult to want to pop the disc back in the tray. The open world city just serves to make things far less interesting as far as I'm concerned, and the cars (at least in the early stages) don't handle well. I have to say, my son pinched the disc to play this and is enjoying it, but at this moment in time, it's not for me.