Fireblaster (Commodore Amiga)

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Today, I just thought I'd dig around in my box of loose Amiga disks and see what I pulled out. And I pulled out Fireblaster, a game I'd never heard of before. That made it interesting to me... it's all very well playing a big name that I never got the chance to play in the day, but when you've never heard of a game, you could be on the verge of discovering a hidden gem.

Fireblaster isn't a hidden gem. It's shit.

You want more? Do I have to?

Well, I'm honestly surprised that this game could have found a publisher for a commercial release. It's a single screen shooter that would have been laughed at as a Mastertronic release on the Commodore 64. No, the VIC-20.

It's actually nowhere near as good as it looks here.

It's terrible. It's got rubbish attack patterns that could have been ripped out of MegaMania on the Atari 2600. They were actually fine for the old Atari, but not the Amiga. And the enemy ships flicker and wobble about, unlike the old Atari game.

There's not much more I can say about it, really, there isn't. If I thought Atax was a bad Amiga shooter, I hadn't seen the half of it.