A quick note about updates.

by PaulEMoz

Now that I'm back to work (sort of... the weather is playing some havoc with that!), it's possible that I might not have time to post an update every day. Rest assured, though, I will be playing a different game every day, and I will, if nothing else, start a post every day. That way, there will be a daily update (posts are timed by when they're started, not when they're posted), but it might be that I do bulk updates from time to time.

Stick with it if you're a reader, though... I'm committed to making sure there's at least one game played every day in 2010!

I'll also be doing a bit of tidying up, although that will affect earlier posts in the main... still, everything should (hopefully) look just a little bit smarter.

Thanks for stopping by! And if you know of anywhere that welcomes the promotion of little endeavours like this, do let me know... might as well have it read by as many people as possible.